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Agape Coffeehouse is a coffee shop in Payette, ID. We use the best ingredients and provide a great atmosphere.

Looking forward to hosting you soon!

About Us

Love is the meaning of our name and Love is our ministry. Love goes into everything we do, including the drinks we serve. Each aspect of our menu has been carefully considered from ethically sourced green coffee to local honey and fresh fruit smoothies. Fresh is best! Our desire is to form partnerships with local farmers and dairies to support growth in our community and provide local ingredients. We mix and and roast own beans, which allow us to craft your drinks carefully and thoughtfully for that perfect sip. We also have an array of tasty homemade treats that pair wonderfully with our coffee choices. 

Our Mission

We love people. We strive to strengthen our community by providing a safe and stable environment for young and old alike to learn and grow together. Our goal is to facilitate classes where people would enrich us all with new skills, share pieces of their lives and inspire. Every month a new artist is featured in our gallery and social media in hopes to form a stronger network of artisans. We are home to local artists, art therapy classes, events, writing clubs, bible study groups and private parties. The patio features a play set and has been a favorite spot for moms and dads. Soon, we hope to see more community growth through our space.

Our Future Goal

To sponsor children in need of medical attention, at risk of being abused and exploited, and impoverished by donating proceeds through Compassion International. "The name Compassion communicates that we are a “love thy neighbor” ministry. We look after the health, education and welfare of impoverished children. This aspect of Compassion puts us in the context of “Great Commandment” ministries. We love God and we demonstrate that love by extending care for others."--Compassion International.

Agape gains great happiness by seeing people connect over coffee and friendships form, it is the most rewarding thing to cater to. Over our 7 years of being open, we have gotten to witness first dates turn into marriage proposals, lonely retirees find a place of belonging, authors find their voice, and artists create beautiful things. It is wonderful to see people's spirits lifted after a hard day and playful children squeal with joy at the sight of the playground. In short, we love our community and they have become our precious friends.